The Blog Returns


About a year ago, I stopped blogging on this website and started to focus more on video content. Upon further reflection, it is clear that writing again will do some good.

Starting today, the blog has returned to Chris Freitas On Radio. Although it is not the feature front page, it does have its special tab so visitors will need to click on top to see the latest updates.

By blogging again, I hope to practice my writing skills and post more about subjects that I am passionate about. While gaming and radio will be mostly covered, weather is going to be another focus.

As a kid, I held a deep fascination with weather and earth sciences. My parents and relatives would send me science kits (which had weather stations) and children’s books gear toward weather.

I was also the weird kid that carried about maps from National Geographic magazines. Perhaps I should have chosen meteorology or geology as career paths instead of communications and journalism.

Ideally this weekend, I want to write about an experience that blends both broadcasting and weather together. My full actual post of 2018 is going to highlight my childhood obsession with The Weather Channel.

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