On The Airwaves Cancelled Indefinitely

On-The-AirwavesHello everyone! Some of you may have guess this but I will just go ahead and confirm it. Over the past few months, my schedule has been quite busy and it has been difficult updating the podcast on a weekly basis.

With my schedule and possible life changing plans in motion, I can no longer produce any more episodes of “On The Airwaves” at this moment.

So for now, the podcast is effectively terminated. In addition, I will be taking a prolonged hiatus from podcasting.

Sorry to disappoint everyone with this news. Since 2013, podcast production has been fun and I have enjoyed it when there was time for it. Since working at my current employer last year, my time has been well spent there, but my past projects have been a great way for me to hone in on-air and production skills.

In the future, I will like to revisit podcasting but for now it is not possible. However, I still regularly update my blog at https://chrisfreitas.wordpress.com and I manage to find something worthwhile to post every month. So if you like to read more about radio, electronic media, and other related subjects, please check it out.

Thanks for supporting me and the podcast!  I will keep up past episodes on-line on my Sample Works page along with CFOR for anyone interesting in listening to the shows.

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