Episode 29 – CFOR (5.29.2015)

If Chris was still naming episodes of this podcast, then it would be called “The Hangover.” In this week’s CFOR, he talks about his first experience being drunk.

Chris also goes into details as to why being drunk or drinking alcohol is such an odd experience for him. Also note: he did drink responsibly.

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Episode 28 – CFOR (5.22.2015)

Sorry for the wait folks, but there is now a new episode of CFOR.

In this week’s podcast, Chris talks about the myth of blowing into NES cartridges to make them work and Radio Japan’s 80th anniversary. He also briefly reviews the Grundig Mini World 100 PE.

The tunes in Episode 28 are Nora Keyes’s “My Child,” The Underscore Orkestra’s “Hobbiton (Triplets of Hobbitville),” Even Twice’s “City Life.”

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