Episode 25 – CFOR (3.13.2015)

In Episode 25, Chris talks about Global 24 Radio going off-the-air while Radio Canada International celebrates its 70th anniversary. In addition, he gives a brief hands-on impression of the New Nintendo 3DS.

Here are the songs played on CFOR this week:
The Agrarians: “The Clean Burn of Morning”
Mr. & Mrs. Smith: “Take it in Stride”
Tarred Brigade: “We Looked Away”
John Collins McCormick: “Hallway Motor”
Cagey House: “Comrads”
Podington Bear: “Really Real”
Nora Keyes: “Old Pal”
Happy Six: “Siam Soo”
Lucille Hegamin And The Dixie Daisies: “Cold Winter Blues”
Cletus Got Shot: “El Diablo”
Snake Oil Salesmen: “Hotel Atlantico”
The Brought Low: “This Ain’t No Game”

Download & Listen


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