Episode 26 – CFOR (3.27.2015)

In this episode of CFOR, there is full of international radio news this week. There are some additional details about Global 24 Radio returning to the airwaves and a formal re-launch in May.

Plus, the Mighty KBC Radio is changing some frequencies and expanding into other radio formats. Finally on the show, Deutsche Welle will be closing down one of its remaining relay transmitters in Africa.

Chris explains these stories, and talks about a slight change to the podcast in Episode 26 of CFOR.

Here are the songs airing on this week’s podcast:

Jared C. Balogh: “Classical Groove”
Zs: “Corps”
Nat M. Wills: “The Traveling Man”
Victor Herbert Orchestra: “1909 – Spring Song”

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Episode 25 – CFOR (3.13.2015)

In Episode 25, Chris talks about Global 24 Radio going off-the-air while Radio Canada International celebrates its 70th anniversary. In addition, he gives a brief hands-on impression of the New Nintendo 3DS.

Here are the songs played on CFOR this week:
The Agrarians: “The Clean Burn of Morning”
Mr. & Mrs. Smith: “Take it in Stride”
Tarred Brigade: “We Looked Away”
John Collins McCormick: “Hallway Motor”
Cagey House: “Comrads”
Podington Bear: “Really Real”
Nora Keyes: “Old Pal”
Happy Six: “Siam Soo”
Lucille Hegamin And The Dixie Daisies: “Cold Winter Blues”
Cletus Got Shot: “El Diablo”
Snake Oil Salesmen: “Hotel Atlantico”
The Brought Low: “This Ain’t No Game”

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