Episode 24 – CFOR (2.27.2015)

In this 24th episode of CFOR, Chris briefly talks about the end of winter weather and return of normal temps. Also he mentions of the upcoming Winter SWL Fest this weekend along with the airing of “Shortwave Shindig.”

In Part 2, the host warns Lenovo PC users of a potential security threats. Finally, Chris announces a recent decision by the Federal Communications Commission on the controversial net neutrality.

The music on CFOR this week is brought to you by these talented men and women:

The Underscore Orkestra: “Americana Jam”
Ménage Quad: “Play Dat Soul”
U.S. Army Blues: “Walk That Dog”
She-Wolf: “Looking For You”
Krackatoa: “Ally Pally Happy Clappy”
The Agrarians: “You’re the Wave: Wander!”
Ami Dang: “Kissed By The Fire”
Slowdance: “Gold and Green”
Bliss Blood & Al Street: “Give Me Lots Of Sugar”
JO: “Save Me”
Johnny Weltraum: “Low On Charge”
Jim Keller: “Take Me For A Ride”

Download & Listen


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