Episode 23 – CFOR (2.20.2015)

In CFOR’s Episode 23, Chris talks about the aftermath of Winter Storm Octavia in addition to more icy weather. He also notes some new changes this month on A Prairie Home Companion, particularly a guest host. For shortwave listeners, this show has a retro review for the Radio Shack DX-397 and some details on the upcoming Tecsun PL-680. Download & enjoy the show.

Here is the track list for Episode 23.

Circus Marcus: “Le poids”
Ergo Phizmiz: “To Swap Heads By”
The Gateless Gate: “Light”
The Jerkon Five: “Hand Jive”
Tamara Laurel: “Sweet”
Mr. & Mrs. Smith: “Tiger of a Tale”
staRpauSe: “Hooky Hicky”
The Trumpeteers: “Little Wooden Church”
Lee Maddeford: “Be what you wanna be”
Lá Eles: “Ouro Bahia”
La Troba Kung-Fu: “Volant”
Jahzzar: “Roads that burned our boots”

P.S. Here’s a special shoutout to Thomas Witherspoon for sharing the retro review on The SWLing Post. Also, thanks to Gene Janas from Prana-Pindu for listening to the podcast and providing tunes like “A Heart That Devises Wicked Plots” on last week via Free Music Archive.

Download & Listen


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