Episode 20 – CFOR (1.16.2015)

On Episode 20 of CFOR, Chris talks about the Nexus 9 a bit. However he won’t talk too much because he has just recovered from a sore throat. This show won’t have as many breaks, but it will still have a ton of tunes to listen to. Enjoy the 20th episode!

Here’s the standard track list:
Samuel Vas Y: Hurt
Chicano Batman: “El Frio”
Broke For Free: “Night Owl”
Mia Doi Todd: “Paraty”
Mr. Airplane Man: “Red Light”
Jahzzar: “Siesta”
The Kyoto Connection: “Hachiko (The Faithful Dog)”
Caballo: “Snake Charmer”
Mamá Burger: “Nublado”
Jason Shaw: “Running Waters”
The Freak Fandango Orchestra: “Requiem for a Fish”
The Underscore Orkestra: “Government Housing”

Download & Listen


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