Episode 16 – November 13, 2014

In this episode and future installments of the show, Chris is going to focus more on adding music to CFOR. There will be less talk, but at least four segments of conversations will remain.

In addition, the podcast has been expanded to one hour, instead of 30 minutes. Also, CFOR has returned to its original format for discussions. It will be about radio, gaming, tech, or just anything interesting.

Here is the playlist for Episode 16:

1. Break the Ban: “Break It Now!”
2. Jackson F. Smith: “Cantina Rag”
3. Kathleen Martin: “El Presto Numero Nueve”
4. Lezet: “Chick-A-Brac”
5. Mitoma: “Omega Station”
6. Scott Loplin: “Ragtime Dance”
7. Ultimate Painting: “Winter In Your Heart”
8. Gary Lucas: “Please Allow Me To Look At You Again wth Maggie Mo”
9. Aislinn: “Fourteen Days”
10. Ricky Brugal: “Finish Line”
11. Michaela Anne: “When You Wanted Me”
12. New Waver: “Middle Class Man”

Download & Listen

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