Memphis: The Mecca Of Podcasting?

I’ve been listening to podcasts since iTunes has been putting them out in the mid-2000s. More recently, internet radio and podcasting have been my default listening activities.

I’m not the only one, as more people are “tuning into” podcasts instead of over-the-air shows. This trend has not went unnoticed…especially in this town.

Memphis has seen a huge explosion of content makers in the podcasting scene in the past year or so. More and more people are not only listening, but CREATING their own shows.

Memphis is historically rich in the arts, so it’s really no surprise that creative individuals are at the epicenter of it all. Visual artists, comedians, radio/TV personalities, filmmakers, journalists, and musicians are helping to shape a “renaissance of podcasting.” I don’t know many other major cities that have a huge podcast-creation scene as Memphis.

What makes these programs unique is that their focus is about Memphis. Their shows are not solely about the city, but looks at different aspects like the citizens, culture, the arts, sports, trends, or simply having a good time in town.

These Memphis podcasts are made by Memphians but they are made for everyone in or outside of the Bluff City to enjoy. Intentional or not, these shows help shed better light on a city portrayed as crime-ridden and ruined.

Last week’s CFOR podcast (made by a Memphian…me), my guest and I talked about some of our favorite podcasts. We mentioned some local shows and here are some that I may have or have not mentioned. These are worth checking out, even if you don’t live in Memphis.

I Love Memphis

It’s a blog and now a podcast. The site’s creator, Holly Whitfield writes about various aspects of Memphis on her site. This year, she has created a monthly podcast to completement it and manages to hold discussions with prominent people in the city. There’s even an interview with WMC anchor Joe Birch.

Creative Memphis

Photog Billy Nation and Designer Andrew Lebowtiz have created a show that highlights the creative side of Memphis. They interview guest musicians, artists, filmmakers, and others who give another look at the city that most media outlets neglect to look at or simply ignore.

The Game Show Podcast

Hosted by Gil Worth & Alan Long, these guys put up a  show besting their guests at trivia and games. Think of NPR’s “Wait…Don’t Tell Me” and you have an idea what this show is somewhat about. There is a small interview component then they play against each other.

Ric Chetter From Radioland

Ric Chetter, former Rock 103 jock and creator of Radio Memphis, has created a unique show. Not only does he talk about the radio business, but he talks about life. Sometimes pleasant, sometimes not-so pleasant and he tells it for how it is. In addition to talking about his experiences, Ric will have fun with other guests and it becomes a smorgasbord of interesting content.

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark

Local comedian Josh McLane has a podcast that is either funny or downright serious. He’ll let you know. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark is a show that has just about anything. It’s a bunch of dudes talking about life in Memphis. The stories he tells may make you angry about the city, but more often he’ll make you laugh and forget your troubles.

There are a lot more Memphis podcasts I can recommend but I could spend all day talking and writing about them. This is where you can come in. You can post them here in the comments section and/or check out some more notables at High Ground News.

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