Subtle Changes Coming To CFOR Podcast

20140223_131624For folks following the Chris Freitas On Radio podcast, thanks for listening and your support. Throughout today, I have thought of a few things that will make this show a bit better.

For starters, I am going to change the category of CFOR. It will no longer be a tech show, at least not as broad in subject matter.

Instead, it will be strictly be about radio. The podcast will be something like my Shortwave Tonight & Shortwave Weekly projects before this one. However, it will not be entirely about shortwave.

Shortwave radio will be a part of the subject matter, but I will also talk about FM, AM, satellite, podcasting, and internet radio. Anything that deals with the medium, I will discuss it.

One of the big reasons for this change is because I realize I get a sizable audience when talking or writing about radio (especially shortwave). I haven’t lost interest in gaming or technology but I feel that keeping consistent in format is the best way to progress this show. It’s something that I’ve failed at so far, but I want to improve in that area.

It was never meant to have a large following, but it seems the audience that’s paying attention to it is a group of people interested in radio broadcasting. It also shows in my posts as they have been linked to sites such as Reddit, Facebook, and Google.

So, I am structuring this podcast around the medium of radio. This also makes since from the namesake, Chris Freitas “On Radio.”

Also, I plan to have more guests on the program and co-host with me. This will mean that I will contact folks involved in radio. Whether it will be hobbyists, announcers, producers, etc., I want to have them on CFOR now and then. It also makes the show more fun and enjoyable.

As part of this refocused mission, Episode 10 will change. Originally, I set out to produce an episode on e-bikes. I am shifting gears to talk about how I got started in the radio. You can read up on the article, but I will go more in detail on this upcoming show.

Worldstar RadioAfterwards, I plan to do some reviews including some “retro radio reviews” of ones that I’ve used long ago. I’ll include written reviews alongside the podcast version as well.

All the social media links, hosting sites, feeds will stay the same. The podcast will still continue. I am just “fine tuning” the format and adjusting content towards my audience. Perhaps I’ll gain some new listeners in the process.


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