Episode 8 – The New 3DS & MGS 5

After a week-long hiatus, Chris has managed to bring you this eighth installment of CFOR. In the podcast, he talks about the newly announced “New” Nintendo 3DS which releases in Japan in October. You can find out more about the new handheld by visiting TinyCartridge’s blog.

In Part 2, Chris talks briefly about Metal Gear Solid V coming to PC and next-gen consoles next year.

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No CFOR Episode This Week

Sorry to bring some sad news listeners; but there will be no episodes of CFOR this week. The MGS V episode is still upcoming (along with future episodes) and should be available next week.

I’ve recently acquired a new position at local television station WATN (Local Memphis 24) and started working as an audio operator yesterday. ┬áThe training will be all week and my schedule will not allow for any podcast production (except for a special upcoming episode after Episode 8).

I’ll work from 3 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. each night this week until my off-day on Wednesday. At the point, the podcasts will be rolling out and I’m back on a normal schedule.

Expect Episode 8 of CFOR sometime late Tuesday night or sometime before the end of next week. I would also like to announce that the blog is nearing 20,000 page views since its creation in 2011.

The podcasts have much lower views and downloads on PodOmatic (maybe lower on other forms) but there are some people listening to show. As long as I have some folks listening, I’ll keep making it and hopefully numbers will grow as CFOR approaches Season 2 after Episode 12.

Episode 7 – Going Into Civilization

In Episode 7 of CFOR, Chris and Friends play some PC games. Only two are getting into Civilization V while others are playing Battleblock Theater.

It’s an interesting turn-based strategy game, available on Steam. Think of it as a cross between Command & Conquer, Risk, and Advance Wars.

Civilization V also takes a while to finish a battle. In fact, the American/Germany vs. China/Greece war is still on-going and has yet to be finished. So, this podcast has a shortened version of the gameplay exploits.

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Man Left In His Own Blood Puddle; Others Take Pics

Social media and mobile technology can be great tools and excellent to connect with others & entertain yourself. However, we can misuse it time to time.

This is one instance. Last night, a man was left bleeding on the side of Beale Street as people grab their phones.

You’d expect everyone to call the police or ambulance. Somebody did, but not before a swarm of folks took photos and videos, and some even laughed and pulled down his pants.

Hardly any one helped him…

I am not going to share much of my opinion, but I will say this: What is wrong with people?

For the story, you can click on this Fox 13 news link to read up on it and come up with your own conclusions.

Episode 6 – Take A Shield & Splice Songs

In this episode of CFOR, Chris talks about the new Nvidia Shield Tablet and how it holds up with other Android devices.

In Part 2, he mentions that a radio station in Calgary (and others) are cutting songs on-the-air in order to avoid boring their listeners. You can check out the story here at Consequence of Sound. Also, Chris has some news about future episodes of CFOR.

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