Episode 5 – The 30 Club & Beyond

Chris is now 30-years-old and he reminiscences about past broadcasting jobs with WUMR and the Look 24/7. You’ll even hear a few minutes of airtime during his time as a DJ with both stations.

Chris also has some big announcements regarding the future of his radio career.

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First Time for Everything: Listening to The Mighty KBC Radio

There’s a first time for everything. For me, it was always inconvenient to listen to The Mighty KBC Radio from the Netherlands (I just didn’t have any time because of work, spending time with friends, or other projects). Like PCJ Media, it is a fairly new and independent broadcast to the shortwave band.

Tonight, I decided to break out my Tecsun PL-660. After lamenting over the cutbacks of some broadcasters on CFOR, I figured to tune to some stations that are left.

Apparently I noticed the Mighty KBC was on-the-air. Surprisingly, the station came in loud-and-clear and played some really great classic rock tunes. Note: This station CANNOT be heard online, but ONLY on shortwave.

I also tuned into WRMI before listening to The Mighty KBC.

Episode 4 – Thomas Witherspoon & Blue Yeti Pro

Continuing the shortwave discussion from the last episode, Chris talks to Thomas Witherspoon (writer of the SWLing.com blog and founder of Ears To Our World). They talk about the importance of shortwave to the world, despite a lower audience and recent budget cuts. There is also a summary of their favorite shortwave radios.

In Part 2, Chris reviews the microphone used in this podcast since Episode 2. It’s the Blue Yeti Pro Mic.

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Episode 3 – Shortwave Flatline

Sorry for the delay. Sometimes life gets busy. Other times…stormy weather shuts the power off and your work ends up deleted.

Nonetheless, Chris delivers this third episode and talks about the recent disappearance of international broadcasters on shortwave and where they are going (or not going). In Part 2, there is news of upcoming Eton receivers, if you’re not convinced of the “death of shortwave” argument, that SWLs may want to consider.

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