Chris Reviews Final Fantasy VI Android

10250139_10100987630802140_8852009242215364880_nSince its January 2014 release onto Android, I have been extensively playing Final Fantasy VI on Android. It has yet to be completed, but this game has been played through various versions on Super Nintendo, PlayStation, and Game Boy Advance. By far, this is my favorite version.

If anyone hasn’t played through this 20 year-old RPG, then here is a quick spoiler free background. The¬†Gestahlian Empire, led by the crazed mage Kefka, lays siege to various towns worldwide using weapons of magical destruction. Piloting Magitek armor and unaware of her actions, the young Terra plows through the snowy, mountainous Narshe in search of an Esper. She soon gets entangled in quest of finding herself and saving the world.

There have been several tweaks to this classic game. Firstly, the graphics have been redone for high-resolution displays. All sprites and backgrounds are remastered and look sharp and crisp. This version has polarized fans, but I actually like the new design.

The user interface, particularly in battles, have changed as well. The Active Time Battle (ATB) still remains, but instead of a bar the character menus speed up to the top of the screen during battle. Menus have also been optimized to make use of the touch screen. Sadly, Square-Enix has yet to add controller support.1800310_10100953146748460_1115771694_n

In terms of performance, Final Fantasy VI runs well. As long as you have a current Android device like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, HTC One, or Nexus 7, there will hardly be any hiccups.

While the mobile version has been reworked, the plot remains the same as the GBA version. It carries the same script and extra scenes from that version, which had a better translation. Additionally, the extra summons, skills, and weapons from FF6 GBA can be obtained in the mobile edition.

My only criticism is the high-price point. It currently costs a hefty $15.99 on the Google Play Store, but it is still worth the price of admission. Final Fantasy VI, despite its age, still handles its own against many modern games in its class.


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