Dingoo A320: A Review of a Device with Every Classic Game Console Built-In

The Dingoo A320 is a portable device that can emulate classic gaming systems including the Game Boy Advance. In the picture, it is running a port of the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Many devices are available on the internet that can provide emulation of various classic games. These said gadgets can fully or somewhat fully run older consoles, providing an “on-the-go” option for those who travel or pass free time..for roughly $100 US.

One of these gizmos hails from China…the Dingoo A320. Out of the box, it can run many classic game systems including: Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Game Boy Advance, classic arcade, and Neo Geo.

With a little know-how, it is possible to install other emulators from other consoles like the Game Boy, MSX computer, and even PlayStation. The A320 also supports many homebrew games.

While the Dingoo is intended for gaming, it does have other features that make it a multimedia device. It has the ability to play video, audio, FM radio (in which you don’t even need to use headphones as an antenna for great reception), photos, flash animation, and text reader.

You will also be glad to know that the gadget have 4 GB of flash memory with the option to expand it with a MiniSD card, if you can find one these days.

Just plug in the USB port to your PC and device, put your unzipped ROMs into the storage, and then you have classic portable gaming in your hands.

The controls are similar to a PSP (minus the analog knob). There are shoulder buttons, ABXY face buttons, directional pad, and Start & Select.

Should the 2.8 inch screen (slightly smaller than the Game Boy Advance) be too small for your eyes, Dingoo included an RCA video cable that can display the system on to any TV. That’s right, you can play classic games on a TV with the A320.

In terms of performance, the device handles most games very well. Nintendo, most GBA, and arcade games run perfectly. However, there are some issues with a few GBA and most SNES & Genesis games. Either the framerate is slow or sound playback is choppy.

For Super Nintendo and Genesis, the games do run well enough to play, but you may want to turn the sound off should you be annoyed by its incomplete emulation. Some GBA games like Golden Sun, Final Fantasy VI, or Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario 3 run slow or do not even work, but nearly all of them work just fine.

All in all, this is a system worth picking up should you want to do classic game on-the-go. Especially in my case, I am waiting for the North America release of the PlayStation Vita. Currently I don’t have any portable systems aside the A320. For now, this will tide me over until the Vita’s launch on February 22nd…which I will be posting more info about in the coming days.

The following is a YouTube video made by “Ashens” from the UK. I actually had a video review of the Dingoo A320 produced but my phone was not able to transfer the video to YouTube and it was deleted. I figured to write out a review instead.


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