One of the Perks to Shortwave Radio

If you are on-the-fence about shortwave radio listening, then hopefully this will convince you to tune in. Earlier today, I got a parcel from Radio Taiwan International. The envelope contained a 2012 desk calendar, an updated program schedule, and a card. Inside the card, there were signatures from every single on-air personality from the station.

For that, I am truly thankful and even wrote an e-mail expressing my thanks! This was a great way for a radio station to reach out to its audience, especially on a medium that’s losing its audience to newer technologies. Hopefully, RTI’s listeners will thank them for this kind act and show their gratitude. Because of this, I am glad to be a shortwave radio listener and it has reminded me how this hobby is awesome. It also made me want to turn on my Tecsun PL-660 radio to catch some other international broadcasters while waiting for RTI to be on-the-air.