Movie Trivia Contest for the Show on Nov. 2nd

As I have announced on my radio show on The Look 24/7 ( and on Facebook, I will be hosting a movie trivia contest on the November 2nd edition next week. The trivia question will come from the 2000 movie Frequency. The movie stars Dennis Quaid (Frank Sullivan) and Jim Caviezel (John “Chief” Sullivan) as father and son respectively.

For those interested, the film is about a father and son communicating to each other through a ham radio…roughly 30 years apart. John (in 1999) talks to his dad, a firefighter, who is still alive in the 1960s. This odd phenomenon is possible through a rare fluctuation in the sunspot cycle. For those knowledgeable in HF radio, solar activity  greatly influences shortwave and ham radio communications, making long-distance communication possible or impossible under given conditions. I’d say that 30 years is definitely “long-distance!” The father-son duo, throughout the movie, attempt to solve a murder mystery affecting both time periods and even the main characters.

Back to the contest! The trivia question is based on this movie and will be announced on the Nov. 2nd broadcast. I will not post the question online, Facebook, or anytime prior to the show. You’ll just have to tune in to find out the question! If anyone has seen the movie, then the question will be relatively easy. However, any one can feel free to check online to find the answer (during the show) on YouTube, IMDB, Wikipedia, whatever. Whoever sends me the correct  answer first will win the prize. The prize is a DVD copy of Frequency, which I’ll pay for the cost and shipment. The length of the contest will last from until the first correct answer is submitted or until the end of the show at 8 p.m. Eastern.

So here’s a rundown of the contest rules:

1. Question will be announced on-air on November 2nd during the first hour (starting 4 p.m. Eastern) of my show on The Look 24/7.

2. Answers will only be accepted through my station e-mail:

3. The first person with the correct answer wins a DVD copy of Frequency, which will be mailed out…so please include your mailing address!

4. After the winner is announced, the contest is over or until the end of the show at 8 p.m. Eastern.

5. You are free to use the web or any sources to find the answer.

Have fun and stay tuned to “The Look 24/7” (and this blog of course) for more possible contests in the future!


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