College Stations Join Together Celebrating Radio

Over 240 college radio stations will participate in College Radio Day. It begins on Tuesday, October 11th.

College Radio Day is trying to promote awareness of college radio stations, encourage the community to tune in, and raise funds.

The University of Memphis radio station, WUMR, will participate in the event.  As one of the broadcasters involved, it is hoped that U92 “The Jazz Lover” will have more listeners, especially those who are U of M students.

Malvin Massey, Jr., station manager, said, “Broadcasting programs that colleges and universities and high schools even are very important to get the message out to the community and to get specific messages to the community that people want to hear.”

The campus broadcaster has an older audience, despite a staff made up of volunteers and college students.   While it attracts listeners around the world, WUMR has struggled with making itself known on-campus.

U92’s program director Chris Davis said, “What we are planning to do is to try to connect the dots so to speak the community at large and the student population. There is a disconnect because we are a jazz station.”

The station plans to change that on College Radio Day. Throughout the day, several promotions will air to attract new listeners.

WUMR also plans to have a remote, live broadcast in front of the Music Building and will have students performing on-the-air.

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