Sangean ATS-909X Review

Overall, the Sangean is a good radio. However, I prefer my Tecsun PL-660 over the 909X. The PL-660 has better sensitivity (especially of the whip), but the Sangean has better signal to noise ratio. On external antennas, both radios are very sensitive and perform similarly. The Sangean also has a more solid, heavy feel, while the Tecsun is lightweight and thinner. If you ask me about audio tone, I’d say the Tecsun sounds better, but that’s just me. I am actually returning the 909X back to Amazon. It’s not a bad radio at all, but the Tecsun is a better radio in my opinion and I am going to stick with that.


2 thoughts on “Sangean ATS-909X Review

  1. Thanks for the very thorough review and comparison. The old 909 was a bit deaf, so it’s no surprise that the 909X is as well. The 660 is intriguing; it looks like a G3 that actually works properly! : )

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