Schnucks Closes Down in Memphis

You will see many changes to your local grocery stores. Schnucks will be going out-of-business in the Mid-South. On September 2nd, Kroger bought nine stores while the other six will be closing. As a result, many employees will be out-of-work.

Customers will also see the effects of the Schnucks store closures. There are clearance sale signs placed outside, which confirms the company will be shutting down. The sale will available Wednesday through Saturday from eight a.m. to eight p.m.

No new products will be delivered and all currently stocked goods will be discounted up to 50 percent. Also, certain services such as floral, deli, and bakery will be operated by Kroger. Fuel centers and cards will be discontinued.

In fact, the reward system ended in August prior to the store chain’s announcement. Kroger Plus cards and brands will be available.

Shoppers are concerned about these changes. However, some customers feel positive about Kroger replacing Schnucks.

Nick Chaisson said that he has to get groceries somewhere and Kroger will be “more reliable.”

Paul McDonald says that he is glad that the grocery chain made a “good purchase.” “You don’t have walk hundreds of yards to find an item and everything is close by.”


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