What does Shortwave Radio Mean to Me?

Shortwave Radio: Tune Into The World

What does Shortwave mean to Chris Freitas? Simply, the answer to that question is that it is a means of bringing the world to your hands. Shortwave radio is still home to thousands of voices on the airwaves. There are international broadcasters from various countries, music from different cultures, pirate stations, spy signals (if one can interpret them), hams talking to each other hundreds or even thousands of miles away, and other sounds. No other medium has such variety of content.

People nowadays use social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Unaware to most people, shortwave radio is one of the first types of social media. Hams from many different regions and countries constantly talk to each other, share experiences, talk about life in their towns, and just talk nonsense. Unlike Facebook, these conversations are much more engaging and are not subject to censorship.

Shortwave also means to me as a future career. In November 1997, I was first exposed to shortwave by reading an article in Boy’s Life magazine titled “Tune into the world.” After reading the article and further research at the local library, I realized that the multiband radio I once had included shortwave radio. And so began my shortwave adventure and I listened to many stations like the BBC, Deustche Welle, Radio Taipei International, HCJB, Radio Canada International, and more. Over the years, I yearned to be a broadcaster to bring the same high-quality content I once heard on the radio to listeners around the world.

4 thoughts on “What does Shortwave Radio Mean to Me?

  1. For me I would say it represents freedom from oppressive media regimes cool article chris

  2. Thanks! I am sure for some people that would apply, especially in areas where the local media is censored and controlled by oppressive governments.

  3. Excellent commentary on shortwave radio. I just joined WordPress and found your article after searching shortwave. What kind of radio do you use?

    • Thanks rjusa! I am glad you liked the post. The radio I use for listening to shortwave is a Tecsun PL-660, which is the same radio as the one I have in the picture embedded in the post. Amazon and eBay sells these radios for around $80-$100 and is a very good radio. I would say it is better than the Grundig G3 and Sony ICF-SW7600GR.

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