Tecsun PL-660 Review

For about a month now, I have had some first-hand experience with the newly purchased Tecsun PL-660. To see a visual performance of what this receiver can do, you can watch the video on the bottom of this post. I have also included an unboxing of the reciever as well. The PL-660, to sum up my impressions, is an awesome radio. I say awesome because this device has so many features, which all work exceedingly well.


6 thoughts on “Tecsun PL-660 Review

  1. I m thinking abt sangean 909x but after watching this video on yt now going to buy pl 660

  2. I’d recommend the Tecsun PL-660 over the Sangean ATS-909X. For a little more than half the price of the 909X, the PL-660 has a ton of features and you get a well-built radio. It has much better sensitivity and interference rejection. The sound clarity of the 909X is great, but to me the PL-660 has more bass to the speaker which doesn’t sound as tiny as the Sangean one. Both are great radios, but the big thing against the Sangean is the price and in my opinion the Tecsun has more bang for your buck. The only thing the PL-660 lacks that the 909X has are RDS FM and a line-in for MP3 players, smartphones, and other audio inputs. The Tecsun has much more with AM, FM, SW, SSB, Sync detection, Air bands, and works very well on the whip and better with the included external antenna. Plus they give you a wall wart and rechargable batteries.

  3. would you still buy the pl-660 today?? is there a higher end tecsun??? I have had a radio shack dx-350 for years used it for travel does ok but I want to upgrade, Iam a ham operator so you know some of what I would be looking for. I like your comments on the 660.

    • Hi Ed! Your first question is a tough one. I think given the recent news of many international broadcasters leaving shortwave, purchasing any shortwave radio is a tough sale. However, I would take that into account and still say the PL-660 is worth the money. There are still stations to listen to, even outside of coverage areas so there isn’t a lack of content…you just have to know where to tune and pray for the right conditions. As for higher end Tecsun radios, there is the Tecsun S2000, which is basically the Grundig Satelitt 750. From my understanding, there are some mixed reviews out there…mostly favorable but some folks may be turned off by it. I don’t have the S2000 so I can’t give an opinion on it, but I am just fine with the PL-660. The PL-660 is the second most expensive radio Tecsun makes so I’d consider it a premium model.

  4. Hi Chris. Which antenna do you use with your Tecsun Pl-660??


    Gene Quigley

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