Sneak Peak of the 3DS at GameStop on March 20th

Earlier today, I went to GameStop (located near Park Ave. & Mt. Moriah in Memphis) to place my reserve on Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition. While I was there, the store cashier told me of an opportunity to get hands-on experience with the Nintendo 3DS a week early. On March 20th, some GameStop locations, including the store in the Park Cosmorama, will allow people to test out the 3DS before it launches on March 27th. A Nintendo representative will be there to allow anyone get the chance to try out the new handheld. However, the catch is you must be a PowerUp Rewards member to take part in this event. If you feel that you must try it out before making a purchase decision and are not a PowerUp Rewards member, then you can place $15 for membership (there are also other perks to being a member so ask the store cashier for details).

Also, I got to hear some more interesting news from the store manager. Since they are anticipating a lot of preorders (which they have many so far), the GameStop location on Park Ave. may have a midnight release on March 27th for the 3DS. While it is not officially confirmed by the manager, it is worth noting…especially for those gamers living here in Memphis. The closest midnight release at any GameStop is in Jackson, TN. Four GameStop locations in Memphis are having 9 A.M. releases, which the store on Park Ave. is included. For folks in Memphis interested in getting a 3DS at midnight on launch day, I will update you on my 3DS Beat blog sometime next week if this midnight release is confirmed. You can also check GameStop’s website for updates and to find a location in your area.


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