My First Visit to Cooper-Young

The Social Media class (#J4801) at the University of Memphis along with the hyperlocal reporting team MicroMemphis went on a field trip to the Cooper-Young community on St. Patty’s Day (March 17, 2011) to live tweet around the area as folks are celebrating this holiday. This was a new experience for me since before today; I have never been to the Cooper-Young District. I have lived in Memphis for many years and have never once set foot on Cooper-Young until this morning. Including in this post is a slideshow of pictures I took during today’s scavenger hunt. I am not “lucky” enough to have a smartphone but I do have an excellent camera.

While technologically limited, I was teamed up with Nielsen and Louis for this assignment. Nielsen did some reporting and Louis (@Lou4President) did the tweeting by using his iPhone. I (@chrisfreitas23) took some additional photos and have actually contributed a few tweets for this excursion. Here are just some of the things we were able to dig up from the St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt at Cooper-Young. These findings are taken from the tweets for the assignment.

1. Louis, myself, and Nielsen at Celtic Crossing.

2. Green beer can be found here at Celtic Crossing.

3. These olive green pieces of art can be seen up and down Young and Cooper Ave.

4. Adam Griffin likes Cooper-Young because of Celtic Crossing & sassy bartenders.

5. The bartender, Phillip, mentioned that Young Ave. Deli used to be a grocery store. He also said that Cooper-Young has more than 30,000 people that attend its annual Block Party.

6. Virginia Murphy, business owner says that the muscles & IMP beer are her favorite food and drink at Tsunami. she loves the place, people, and staff.

7. A cat known as Phoebe at House of Mews with one of her caretaker’s.

8. Katy of Cafe Ole says she prefers Facebook over twitter because she doesn’t want some random guy stalking her.

9. As a sign of public art, Nate Dogg the Leprechaun was with his pals Jody & Mike at Young Ave Deli.

10. The most interesting porch was found at Celtic Crossing with Celtic music & dancing. &

11. A Cooper-Young resident at Young Ave. Deli said an interesting fact about the area was a railroad track has ran through it.

12. The most unusual thing on Cooper-Young was a TR6 Triumph antique auto parked.


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