Episode 2 – On The Sangean WR-22

On-The-AirwavesIn this second episode of “On The Airwaves,” Chris reviews the Sangean WR-22, a AM & FM clock radio that has the ability to sync with Bluetooth devices.

In addition, there is news about Primetime Shortwave, solar flares, a new streaming music service, HBO Now, and even a new shortwave radio.

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Episode 1 – On The Airwaves

On-The-AirwavesThis is the first episode of On The Airwaves. The new podcast marks one year since the creation of CFOR, which this is a continuation of that project.

On the OTA podcast, there is news about a former Coast To Coast AM making a new radio show this summer. Also, a shortwave-related website is shutting with over a decade of service.

Finally, the host Chris Freitas reviews the tiny, yet powerful Tecsun PL-390.

Stick around and listen On The Airwaves!

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Episode 29 – CFOR (5.29.2015)

CFORIf Chris was still naming episodes of this podcast, then it would be called “The Hangover.” In this week’s CFOR, he talks about his first experience being drunk.

Chris also goes into details as to why being drunk or drinking alcohol is such an odd experience for him. Also note: he did drink responsibly.

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Episode 28 – CFOR (5.22.2015)

CFORSorry for the wait folks, but there is now a new episode of CFOR.

In this week’s podcast, Chris talks about the myth of blowing into NES cartridges to make them work and Radio Japan’s 80th anniversary. He also briefly reviews the Grundig Mini World 100 PE.

The tunes in Episode 28 are Nora Keyes’s “My Child,” The Underscore Orkestra’s “Hobbiton (Triplets of Hobbitville),” Even Twice’s “City Life.”

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Episode 27 – CFOR (4.24.2015)

CFORIn Episode 27 of CFOR, Chris talks about a European country eliminating FM radio while it is being pressured to be added on smartphones in the U.S. Also, he confirms that he is no longer a SWL and gives reasons behind it. Here are the tunes on this week’s podcast.

JO: “My Soul Is Sold”
Spartak: “Rail Star Mode”
Mutherpluckin’ B: “Cryin in the Delta Wind”

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Good Bye, Shortwave!

20140223_131624Last year, I posted two entries: one about my changing listening habits; the other on having a functional 4-year-old radio (then 3 years old). Readers will be happy to know the Tecsun PL-660 works just a well as it did when I bought it in March 2011.

This receiver, however, is no longer in my possession. I sold it last week to a radio colleague and friend. It was my only shortwave radio, so this means shortwave radio listening is no longer a hobby of mine.

In the past few years, radio has been undergoing a drastic shift. Many broadcasters have entered the online scene with a huge variety of audio content.

Just in the past year alone, I have listened to my favorite stations and shows all on the internet. It has become more accessible than ever before.

This is all thanks to new technology such as smartphones and tablets. The iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S and Note phones, HTC One, and countless others are like the transistor radios in the modern era. One can tune into many stations via apps like TuneIn Radio and iHeartRadio along with catching thousands of podcasts.

In addition, numerous international broadcasters that filled the airwaves are now streaming. Some of them have left radio completely or went completely online.

While I do not consider myself a SWL anymore, I still have an interest covering international radio on this website and podcast. Whatever happens to international broadcasters on shortwave ultimately affects other delivery platforms so it is important to note those changes.

Shortwave radio has been one of the longest hobbies I’ve ever been involved in, but this chapter has ended. Instead, internet radio and podcasts have replaced it.

tunein-300x246It is interesting because what initially drew me to shortwave has drew me to internet radio. There is a wealth of content that can be access anywhere and comes from all over. Like HF radio, there are millions of programs that tell exciting stories, provide news & info, and help keep the listener engaged.

It bugs me somewhat that some die hard radio fans do not consider internet radio as “real radio” and does not have the same excitement and thrill. If listening to static and noise is a definition of good radio, then more power to them but I don’t have the patience and time anymore.

Also, I do the majority of my internet radio listening via my smartphone or PC which accepts Wi-Fi and 4G LTE radio signals. It seems like radio…to me at least.

I will leave with this. Shortwave radio will still be a memorable part of my life. It helped me become interested in broadcasting (both as a hobby and career). I still have my QSLs and plan to keep them as well. What sparked my radio interests still exists today…it is just in another medium.

Episode 26 – CFOR (3.27.2015)

CFORIn this episode of CFOR, there is full of international radio news this week. There are some additional details about Global 24 Radio returning to the airwaves and a formal re-launch in May.

Plus, the Mighty KBC Radio is changing some frequencies and expanding into other radio formats. Finally on the show, Deutsche Welle will be closing down one of its remaining relay transmitters in Africa.

Chris explains these stories, and talks about a slight change to the podcast in Episode 26 of CFOR.

Here are the songs airing on this week’s podcast:

Jared C. Balogh: “Classical Groove”
Zs: “Corps”
Nat M. Wills: “The Traveling Man”
Victor Herbert Orchestra: “1909 – Spring Song”

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Episode 25 – CFOR (3.13.2015)

CFORIn Episode 25, Chris talks about Global 24 Radio going off-the-air while Radio Canada International celebrates its 70th anniversary. In addition, he gives a brief hands-on impression of the New Nintendo 3DS.

Here are the songs played on CFOR this week:
The Agrarians: “The Clean Burn of Morning”
Mr. & Mrs. Smith: “Take it in Stride”
Tarred Brigade: “We Looked Away”
John Collins McCormick: “Hallway Motor”
Cagey House: “Comrads”
Podington Bear: “Really Real”
Nora Keyes: “Old Pal”
Happy Six: “Siam Soo”
Lucille Hegamin And The Dixie Daisies: “Cold Winter Blues”
Cletus Got Shot: “El Diablo”
Snake Oil Salesmen: “Hotel Atlantico”
The Brought Low: “This Ain’t No Game”

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Episode 24 – CFOR (2.27.2015)

CFORIn this 24th episode of CFOR, Chris briefly talks about the end of winter weather and return of normal temps. Also he mentions of the upcoming Winter SWL Fest this weekend along with the airing of “Shortwave Shindig.”

In Part 2, the host warns Lenovo PC users of a potential security threats. Finally, Chris announces a recent decision by the Federal Communications Commission on the controversial net neutrality.

The music on CFOR this week is brought to you by these talented men and women:

The Underscore Orkestra: “Americana Jam”
Ménage Quad: “Play Dat Soul”
U.S. Army Blues: “Walk That Dog”
She-Wolf: “Looking For You”
Krackatoa: “Ally Pally Happy Clappy”
The Agrarians: “You’re the Wave: Wander!”
Ami Dang: “Kissed By The Fire”
Slowdance: “Gold and Green”
Bliss Blood & Al Street: “Give Me Lots Of Sugar”
JO: “Save Me”
Johnny Weltraum: “Low On Charge”
Jim Keller: “Take Me For A Ride”

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Episode 23 – CFOR (2.20.2015)

CFORIn CFOR’s Episode 23, Chris talks about the aftermath of Winter Storm Octavia in addition to more icy weather. He also notes some new changes this month on A Prairie Home Companion, particularly a guest host. For shortwave listeners, this show has a retro review for the Radio Shack DX-397 and some details on the upcoming Tecsun PL-680. Download & enjoy the show.

Here is the track list for Episode 23.

Circus Marcus: “Le poids”
Ergo Phizmiz: “To Swap Heads By”
The Gateless Gate: “Light”
The Jerkon Five: “Hand Jive”
Tamara Laurel: “Sweet”
Mr. & Mrs. Smith: “Tiger of a Tale”
staRpauSe: “Hooky Hicky”
The Trumpeteers: “Little Wooden Church”
Lee Maddeford: “Be what you wanna be”
Lá Eles: “Ouro Bahia”
La Troba Kung-Fu: “Volant”
Jahzzar: “Roads that burned our boots”

P.S. Here’s a special shoutout to Thomas Witherspoon for sharing the retro review on The SWLing Post. Also, thanks to Gene Janas from Prana-Pindu for listening to the podcast and providing tunes like “A Heart That Devises Wicked Plots” on last week via Free Music Archive.

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